Ecommerce platform for fast food restaurants
and other catering businesses

Online ordering
and payment

Your customers order their meal online and you receive the payments directly and the feed of orders. Only Paypal and Paybox are currently supported.

Complex catalog of
products and menus

You will be able to model your entire catalog in its entire complexity yourself (or with our help). We support multi-stage menus, declinations, packages, multiple options, cross-selling, up-selling, etc.

For franchise operations
and restaurant chains

Each franchise can manage its own catalog by adding or hiding items from your brand catalog. They see their orders feed, payments and customers, and can manage their webshop.

Responsive design

Design and layouts are automatically tailored for smartphones, tablets and desktop screens. Try by yourself by resizing you browser window !

Custom design

You can customize the visual appearance of your webshop (colors, banners, etc).
And of course, you can also upload images for all your items and menus.

Software as a Service

You pay what you consume, nothing more, nothing less. We take 2.5% of all transactions coming through our platform.
We'll send you an invoice each month.